For more than ten years we have been selling high-quality and durable stucco mouldings and wall profiles from well-known manufacturers. Our products are characterized by their high quality and are particularly robust and water-resistant. Whether moulding, decorative stucco elements, or exterior facade elements — there are no limits to your imagination and your personal taste.

The implementation is very simple — without drilling or screwing, the mouldings and panels are attached in no time at all and give your rooms an individual flair. In our online shop, you will find everything concerning stucco decorations.


Mouldings for every taste and budget

Find all our products including high-quality stucco mouldings made by leading European manufacturer NOËL & MARQUET (nmc) und Orac Decor® and our very own brand Profhome. Discover crown mouldings, skirting boards, ceiling roses, decorative mantelpieces, dado rails, and many more — best prices guaranteed!

The range is constantly being expanded, with the main focus on originality. Decorative stucco profiles ennoble even plain rooms. They determine the atmosphere in the house with their striking look, their relief or their visible size. High-quality stucco products made of modern polymer materials are available in every price segment, for every need and application:

Clear the stage for wall panels

Perfectly staged walls

Why not try something new to decorate your walls? With our modern modular 3D wall panels With our modern modular 3D wall panels your walls become an exclusive eye-catcher. Choose from a wide range of available designs, furthermore the 3D wall panels can be painted over in your favourite colour with ease. Made from a shock and waterproof polymer blend these wall panels can be attached easily due to their light weight and lend your four walls the unmistakable charm.

Wall panels


Skirting boards create a harmonious transition between floor and wall and underline the room's character — whether simple and straightforward or striking and playful — the selection of our skirtings, made of impact-resistant, waterproof and durable materials, leaves nothing to be desired. The baseboards with cable ducts elegantly conceal speaker or power cables and thus ensure a tidy overall picture. In addition, many of these baseboard mouldings are multifunctional and can be used in different areas — i.e. as panel mouldings, crown mouldings, cornice moulding, or door frames.

Skirting boards
Cornice mouldings

Cornice mouldings

Ceiling mouldings from high-grade polymer blends can enhance your rooms in no time. Crown mouldings create an attractive transition between wall and ceiling, putting the finishing touch to your home. Elegant and simple or with a touch of Baroque glamour, we have stucco mouldings to meet any requirements.

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Door frames

Door frames

Are you looking for a suitable frame for your door? Whether you prefer timeless elegance or something more unusual, our door surrounds won't restrict your creativity. The high-grade mouldings produced from recyclable polymers are shock- and water-resistant and can be painted using standard emulsion paints. The stucco mouldings also make a good impression as part of other applications, on the wall or as skirting boards.

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Decorative mantelpieces

Decorative mantelpieces

The decorative fireplaces are enjoying ever-growing popularity. They do not serve as a source of heat but serve a purely decorative purpose. Fireplace surrounds can be combined with an electric fireplace with a maximum heat output of 2-3 kW. The classically inspired decorative fireplace mantels made of polyurethane are always an eye-catcher and create a real feel-good atmosphere.

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Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting helps to create a unique ambience and optically enlarges rooms. The mouldings for indirect lighting are generally employed to illuminate ceilings, and in combination with LED strips lend any room a personal and warm touch.

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Easy assembly

Have you found your favourite design for your mouldings, baseboards or facade elements? Easy to attach!

No drilling or screwing. With our high-quality adhesives, the stucco mouldings or roses are attached in no time at all without unwanted drill holes. The mouldings only have to be shortened to the desired size and can then be glued on. You can also easily order the corresponding mitre boxes and high-quality saws for precise cuts online in our shop.

Choosing the right adhesive is important. We recommend suitable assembly and acrylic adhesives, which you can also obtain an order from us. We offer various adhesives, each optimally matching the area & purpose of application. Whether outdoors or indoors, in damp rooms such as bathrooms, on porous or smooth surfaces, with the right adhesive even inexperienced craftsmen can attach the mouldings cleanly and durably.

Easy to paint

Easy to paint

All stucco mouldings, stucco profiles, ceiling elements, stucco rosettes, columns, etc. are pre-primed and can be painted over with any conventional emulsion paint. Some skirting boards are already coated with white paint and do not need to be painted again.

Extremely versatile

Extremely versatile

Enjoy a plethora of options! Many of our offered stucco mouldings are designed to fit various purposes — whether as crown moulding, panel moulding, skirting board or door and window frames. They are obtainable in different shapes and sizes and offer endless possibilities for modern interior design.

Stylish & elegant

Stylish & elegant

Tastes vary. Our wide range of products offers you a large selection for every room and personal style. We sell high-quality products from well-known manufacturers such as Orac Decor®, nmc or our own brand Profhome.

Mouldings and decorations: brought to life!

Traditional stucco elements date back to the 17th century and can be found in many estates and magnificent buildings. Walls, ceilings and vaults can be designed in new and exciting ways using stucco profiles.

Decorative stucco elements, crown and panel mouldings and skirting boards are up and coming! You can use stucco profiles to give your premises a classic design or use them as ultra-modern elements for unusual wall design, depending on your taste.

Set the tone in your home with stucco elements designed for multiple applications, mouldings for indirect lighting or choose between classic or modern decorative elements.

Stucco mouldings:

Whether you want to set accents in the classic style of an old building apartment with high ceilings or you want to furnish a new building in a highly modern way: We offer you a large variety of stucco mouldings for every endeavour and style, tailored to your taste.

Living spaces often have individual dimensions and sometimes angles or curves that are not quite straight. Our solution: You can find a diverse range of flexible mouldings online in our shop and can conveniently order them at the same time.

Discreet and stylish: you can use our wide range of decorative mouldings for indirect lighting to create an atmospheric living environment.

Stucco skirting boards:

Every wall needs a special something to create a visually appealing transition between wall and floor. Here you will find our selection of baseboards and plinth mouldings. It's not all about looks though, as the quality of the material is of at least equal importance. Our skirting boards and plinth mouldings are impact-resistant and water-repellent. This protects your floors from unwanted moisture formation when wiping the edges of the mouldings and also from scratches and dents when vacuuming.

Neatly attached: use our skirtings with cable recesses so that the cables disappear elegantly and invisibly behind the stucco profiles in the cable duct! No unnecessary attached cable ducts, as they are directly integrated into the decorative strips.

Our cover skirting boards ensure a nice finishing touch without much effort. Old baseboards or tiles can easily be covered without having to laboriously remove them beforehand.

Polyurethane ceiling roses:

Artfully decorated ceiling roses create great accents in your home. Whether filigree, with detailed patterns or simply modern — stucco roses, ornaments and medallions are an absolute eye-catcher and a special ceiling detail. With this type of ceiling decoration, attachment is very easy. With the right adhesive, the stucco elements, medallions or decorative ceiling roses are attached in no time. Set great accents with our wide range of roses!

Sample service:

You are welcome to experience our products first-hand! Before placing an order, you may want to hold the product in your own hands and examine it. We offer you a non-binding sample service at a low price.

Your cost is only a small price between 3 euros and 5 euros depending on the product, plus shipping. The samples will be sent to you quickly via letter or parcel within a few working days.

Creativity knows no boundaries:

We offer you a wide range of options for customizing your home. With door frames, you choose tasteful transitions in your premises, which can be perfectly complemented with the matching window frames.

Stucco decorative elements: for even more comfort, you can also choose from our large selection of decorative elements, niches, stucco columns (half and full columns) and fireplace surrounds.