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Versailles textured wallpapers on paper substrate – Product Information

Blown vinyl textured wallpaper backed with duplex paper

Excellent surface properties like mechanical resistance as well as light and wash fastness characterize the environmentally friendly wallpaper of the Versailles® collection.

Textured wallpaper backed with paper are available in three different types:

1. Vinyl wallpaper with coloured pattern
This sort of wallpaper presents an impressive variety of designs, colours and variations like subtle floral or fancy geometrically shaped pattern,  relief-like textures with the appearance of fabric, basket, wood or stone.

2. Single-coloured textured wallpaper
Its great advantage is the length of one wallpaper roll (15 instead of 10 m). That isn’t only comfotable but economical, too.

3. White wallpaper with blown vinyl surface.

Both last-mentioned types of wallpaper are adapted to refurbishing by repeatedly painting over. Versailles® branded textured blown vinyl wallpapers are suitable to heavy use areas or rooms of high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens.

• Uneven walls can be masked successfully thanks to the special surface texture.
The upper coat of blown vinyl is very flexible, which prevents crinkles and bubbles.
• high light fastness
• non toxic
• dimensionally stable and durable
• good chemically resistant
• wash resistant (in varying degrees)
• peelable dry strippable – the top layer of the wallpaper can be removed dry. The paper substrate remains on the wall as lining paper.

Important: The surface to hang wallpaper should be proper, dry and smooth. Particularly absorbent or extra slick surfaces should be primed or sized first. You’ll need a special adhesive adapted to vinyl wallpaper on paper substrate.

Technical details:

Size (European standard):
10,05 m x 0,53 m = 5,33 qm (± 3%)
15,00 m x 0,53 m = 7,95 sqm (± 3%)

Packaging unit:
Corrugated cardboard:  400 x 400 x 540 mm
10-meter-wallpaper: 12 and 16 rolls per box
15-meter-wallpaper: 9 and 12 rolls per box

Roll weight and diameter:
10-meter-wallpaper: 0,90-1,25 kg, Diameter: 10,0 -10,5 cm
15-meter-wallpaper: 1,8 – 2,6 kg, Diameter: 12,0-14,0 cm

Wear lifespan: about 10 years