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STATUS wallpaper

Wallpaper in this collection convince by flamboyant and sophisticated looks, fresh and vivid colours, and shiny fabric effects.

Ecologically non-woven

Wall Liner

You love plain clearness? Paintable non-woven is a durable material for renovation and reinforcement of walls and ceilings.

Paintable wallpaper

Relief nonwoven wallpaper

With paintable nonwoven relief wallpaper and simple painting techniques you can easily implement your wishes and ideas.

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Wallpaper paste

Our special wallpaper pastes are advanced instant adhesives and thus ideally suited for renovating and decorating walls and ceilings of all kinds.

STATUS Wallpaper on nonwoven substrate – Product information

Premium hot-embossed wallpaper on nonwoven substrate

Choosing STATUS® branded wallpaper you make a decision for sophisticated design, high quality and excellent convenience in you home. This collection with double roll width of 1.06 m, was designed specifically for customers with very high demands, as well as exclusive, commercial buildings.

Hot embossed vinyl wallpaper with non-woven backing combine the benefits of hot-embossed vinyl wallpaper and raised-pattern wall coverings with non-woven backing. The pattern is created by hot embossing which ensures high quality and durability of the material and creates an elegant surface.

Thanks to its extremely tear-resistant and durable surface, it is much easier to paper large walls and ceilings with the extra-wide rolls of non-woven wallpaper. Due to their exclusive and fine coating, each role of the 900-serie weighs 3900 gram (1 roll = 10,65 sqm). This wallpaper is in every room a true eye catcher

Hanging STATUS® non-woven wallpaper is as simple as  papering with textured paste-the-wall wallpaper. The characteristics of embossed nonwoven STATUS® branded wallpapers make them suitable to high traffic rooms or areas of high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens.


• very durable
• non toxic
• dimensionally stable and highly resistant
• good lightfastness
• washable (to varying degrees)
• surface reliefs are stable and remain after hanging
• no preparation neccessary: paste the wall, hang the dry wallpaper and cut it at the wall. Instead of pasting the wall wall you may paste the back of the wallpaper strips as ususally – without soaking. This modern working technique saves time and allows wallpapering with minimal effort.
• tear-resistant and dimensionally stable: no expanding, shrinking or gapping due to the adhesive’s humidity and soaking paper.
• only half as many seams thanks to the double roll width of 1.06 m
• resilient and very durable (wallcoverings on non-woven substrate provide a much longer durability than wallpapers on paper substrate)
• dry strippable without residues – when refurbishing, the wallpaper can be removed completely from the dry wall without leaving any residue.

Important: You’ll need a special adhesive for heavy non-woven wallcoverings.

Technical details:

Size (European standard):
10,05 m x 1,06 m = 10,65 sqm (± 3%)

Packaging unit:
Corrugated cardboard: 305 x 210 x 1072 mm – 6 rolls in a box

Roll weight: 3,6 to 3,8 kg

Roll diameter: 10,9 cm

Wear lifespan: about 20 years