Exclusive & Precious

STATUS wallpaper

Wallpaper in this collection convince by flamboyant and sophisticated looks, fresh and vivid colours, and shiny fabric effects.

Suit all tastes

Versailles wallpaper

This collection offers a wide range of patterns and textures, different designs and a variety of combinations.

Ecologically non-woven

Wall Liner

You love plain clearness? Paintable non-woven is a durable material for renovation and reinforcement of walls and ceilings.

Paintable wallpaper

Relief nonwoven wallpaper

With paintable nonwoven relief wallpaper and simple painting techniques you can easily implement your wishes and ideas.

PRO paste for non-woven backed wallpapers and heavy weight nonwoven wallpapers

High quality paste for all non-woven wallpapers and others types of non woven wallcoverings | wall liner | lining paper up to 200 g/sqm. This product is more than appropriate for refurbishment work and for all kind of wall and ceiling wallpapering.

1 packet is sufficient for:

35-40 sqm of  heavy weight & normal nonwoven wallpaper, lining paper up to 200 g/sqm (with approx. 7 litres of water)
50-60 sqm back wallpapering / pre-pasting (with approx. 10 litres of water)

Remove all rests of the old wallpaper. The subsurface must be smooth, clean, dry, sustainable and absorbent. Very absorbent subsurfaces shall be pre-pasted. Pour the paste in to cold water and stir well. Let it soak for 3 minutes and stir again. Now the STATUS wallpaper paste is ready for use.


Please read the instructions. Apply the paste directly onto the wall or ceiling by using a roller and then attach the wallpaper widths cut to size before edge to edge without soaking. Avoid time gaps. Roll down the wallpaper width and move, adjust and cut, if necessary.

It is very important to press on the wallpaper by using a rubber roller or spatula – make sure the backing is stuck down firmly in order to avoid blistering.

• ready for use in only 3 minutes
• high adhesive power
• ideal for all non woven wallpapers
• inodorous
• lump free
• very economic
• easy to use
• perfect protection against fungus
• pellucid when dry
• doesn’t leave marks
• convenient for all wallpapering tools

Packet of 250 grams
Box including 20 packets (5 kg)