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Founded in 1998, EDEM PJSC has established itself as one of the leading European manufacturers of wallpapers.

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Wallpaper made by EDEM offer decorative solutions for a variety of decorating styles. Be inspired!

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EDEM PJSC is a modern, powerful company that produces wallpaper according to recognized European standards.

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Edem PJSC is a modern, dynamic enterprise which produces quality wallpaper complying recognized European standards.

By means of West European suppliers of raw materials, varied and advanced technologies from Germany, and renowned international designers, Edem PJSC has developed the art of wallpaper printing to perfection in the most modern European wallpaper factory.

The factory in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) has two production sites that operate with the latest technology from Germany, France, Netherlands and the UK. Both facilities are multifunctional and can be universally used. Electronic metering and mixing of raw materials, guarantee a very high accuracy of colors and designs in reproduction. Since 2008, this process is optimized by drive and control technology of the German Siemens AG.

The excellent quality of raw materials is another important component in producing VERSAILLES ® – and STATUS ® wallpaper. They are mainly supplied by German, Finnish and Belgian producers. As substrate is used high quality, eco-friendly paper of one of the world’s leading companies M-REAL International Ltd. (Finland) and nonwoven of the prestigious company Ahlstrom Malmedy SA (Belgium). For the production of high-quality vinyl coatings only raw materials from leading European manufacturers are used.

Collection VERSAILLES ®:
Excellent surface properties, such as washing and cleaning resistance, high light fastness and durability, characterize the wallpaper collection VERSAILLES ®. For the decorative coating on paper or nonwoven subtrate special vinyl pastes (plastisols) are applied by screen printing method. The subsequent heat treatment of the upper layer gives these wallpaper their special foamed and textured vinyl surface and extra strength.

Collection STATUS ®:
Brilliant, vivid colours and precious coatings are applied by a special hot embossing procedure. This high tech process creates noble, stable and solid surfaces with individual looks.

All manufacturing processes at Edem are automated and are subject to strict and multiple inspection. Since 2003, the production process is subject to ISO 9001 of European quality assurance standard.